All contributions must be an original piece of work not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Avoid submitting articles that has been published.  MJET holds the copyright while author(s) retain certain rights to their own work. MJET reserves the right to edit all contributions.

MJET is published in English.

Please provide full name, address for correspondence (including e-mail). Please identify corresponding author (where applicable). This will appear at the beginning of your contribution. Scholars, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their original work on a broad perspective of Educational Technology. 

The Journal is a bi-annual publication (June and December) 

General guidelines: 

Language: English 

Length: Usually 5,000 - 10,000 for an article, survey or report, 500 - 1,000 for a book review. Publishers are welcomed to submit new publications. 

Abstract: Each article should be summarised in about 200 words and capable of acting as descriptor of the article. The abstract will be prepared in the English language. 

Authors: Please provide full name, address for correspondence (including e-mail). 

Manuscript: Manuscripts, including abstracts and references, should be typed on A4 paper in double spacing and submitted in duplicate to the Chief Editor. 

Format: Manuscripts are to be prepared according to the current practice. Refer to the Journal. 

Review: Each submission will be refereed. Contributors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and copyrights of materials in the article.


Nota kepada Penulis


 To all contributors, you do not have to worry too much about the format as we will format the papers ourselves. We try to put the least stress on writers as sometimes formatting the article is somewhat a hurdle to some people. 

We would like to stress one minor point, which in the past and even presently posed a slight headache to us and that is the cross referencing. Please make sure what you refer to in the text is found in the reference list and vice versa. I know we tend to cut and paste but please ascertain that the references are in order. 

Send to: Chief Editor, Malaysian Journal of Educational Technology, School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Penang, MALAYSIA. E-mail:


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